Outdoor Instructor Apprentice


Searching for a fulfilling way to develop your skills and understanding of our natural world? Love the outdoors and primitive skills?

Celtic Harmony is an award winning charity, providing hands-on cultural heritage education of ancient Britain to improve wellbeing and increase understanding of the natural world, creating a more sustainable way of life for future generations.

Celtic Harmony provides a program of Prehistory experiences for schools and the local community, to encourage participation in healthy recreation and a greater understanding of ancient crafts from pottery to storytelling. Celtic Harmony have won ‘School Travel Organiser 2023 Best Learning Team of the Year’ and have a Learning Outside of the Classroom (LOtC) quality badge for Outdoor Education.

Visitors experience first-hand how the people in Prehistory, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, made food, clothes and shelter from the natural environment, whilst protecting natural habitats by harvesting in the traditional way.

The primary role of this post is to assist with the leading of activities and developing new activities on our innovative education programme for school trips, community group visits, families, and volunteers at Celtic Harmony Camp, the Prehistory settlement, near Hertford.

The education program has a unique hands-on approach to learning, where visitors experience life in Prehistory form Stone to Iron Age during day trips and residential trips. Celtic Harmony is pledged with ‘Brilliant Residential’ campaign to deliver high quality residential trips which can lead to improved resilience and relationships for young people.

The education team dress in Celtic costume so that visiting school children can experience life in ancient Britain. There is a range of days from Woodsmen to Warriors that teachers choose from with hands-on, age appropriate activities from grinding grain on quern stones to archery and bat walks. The job is varied and includes assistance with catering, delivering of activities, site maintenance and communication.

Following the successful completion of your apprenticeship you may choose to undertake our Education Traineeship in the journey to becoming a Junior Education Officer at Celtic Harmony Camp.


For more information on Celtic Harmony visit their website here.



Celtic Harmony Camp, Bourne Wood, Brickendon Ln, Brickendon, Hertford SG13 8NY


Day to day duties

    • Assist in leading educational activities and developing new initiatives for school trips, community group visits, families, and volunteers at Celtic Harmony Camp.
    • Support the delivery of hands-on cultural heritage education focusing on ancient Britain, aiming to increase understanding of the natural world and promote sustainability.
    • Participate in themed days where visitors experience life in Prehistory, engaging in age-appropriate activities from grinding grain to archery.
    • Maintain relationships with teachers and visitors, gather feedback, and promote education days/events.
    • Assist in communication with schools and stakeholders, utilising databases to record customer interactions.
    • Help plan and deliver weekday school trips, residential school trips, and community group/family visits.
    • Adhere to health and safety checks, assist in contingency planning, and manage supplies for educational days.
    • Support the development of new educational activities and contribute to team meetings and fundraising initiatives.
    • Take part in daily team debriefs, staff meetings, and lead volunteer/work experience programs.
    • Assist with maintenance of camp facilities and contribute to communication efforts to promote the program.
    • Improve visual impact of site.

     Essential skills and qualifications:

    • All candidates must hold a minimum of GCSE 3 or D in Functional skills (Maths and English) and should expect to partake in lessons and exams until Functional skills is achieved (if grade 4/C is already achieved no further lessons or exams required).
    • Flexibility to adapt to changing situations, such as varying visitor needs, weather conditions, and program requirements, to ensure a positive visitor experience.
    • Interest in Primitive Skills and Ancient Culture: Passion for learning and sharing knowledge about primitive skills and ancient culture to engage visitors and enhance their understanding of prehistoric life.
    • Willingness to work outdoors in all weathers.
      • Customer Service: Commitment to providing excellent customer service by engaging with visitors, addressing their inquiries and concerns, and ensuring a positive and memorable experience.


      Desirable skills and qualifications:

      • Ability to effectively communicate with teachers, visitors, team members, and stakeholders to ensure smooth program delivery and gather feedback.
      • Capacity to collaborate with the education team, volunteers, and other staff members to achieve common goals and provide an exceptional experience for visitors.
      • Initiative: Demonstrated ability to take initiative and proactively contribute to the development of new educational activities, fundraising projects, and improvement initiatives.
      • Problem-solving: Strong problem-solving skills to address challenges that may arise during educational activities, such as managing unexpected issues or adjusting plans to meet visitor expectations.

      Future prospects:

      • Successful trainees will develop a unique set of practical skills, including flint-knapping, firelighting and a greater understanding of the lifestyles of ancient Britons.
      • Skill Development: Working in this role allows individuals to develop a wide range of transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving. These skills are valuable in various career paths and can enhance employability in the future.
      • Industry Experience: The role provides hands-on experience in the field of education, particularly in cultural heritage and outdoor education. This industry experience can be highly beneficial for individuals interested in pursuing a career in education, heritage management, tourism, or related fields.
      • As the role involves leading educational activities, including volunteer and work experience programs, individuals have the chance to develop leadership skills and gain experience in working as part of a broad team. This experience can be valuable for advancing into leadership roles in the future.
      • Working in a dynamic and varied role like the Education Trainee position encourages personal growth and self-improvement. Individuals may become more adaptable, resilient, and confident in their abilities, which can positively impact their future prospects in both personal and professional settings.

      Essential Details:

      Salary Details: £11,648 per annum

      Working Hours: 35 hours over 5 days per week

      Open to under 18s?: Yes, however the site is located in a remote area therefore candidates will benefit from having their own car. 

      A DBS check will be undertaken for all successful candidates.


      Closing Date: 22nd July 2024

      Possible Start Date: August 2024


      To Apply:

      Apply on the Celtic Harmony website here.

      For any queries about the role please contact David on:


      07508 874488