Why Channel Training?

We totally believe in Apprenticeships. Channel Training has been serving the outdoor learning sector for many years, from NVQs and skills through Apprenticeship Reform and Trailblazing to now, when we have excellent Apprenticeship Standards that are relevant, appropriate and powerful tools for development at the different levels of apprenticeships. The apprenticeship standards we currently offer are:

  • Level 2 Community Activator Coach

  • Level 3 Outdoor Activity Instructor

  • Level 5 Outdoor Learning Specialist

What this means is that by using government funded Apprenticeships you can work with Channel Training to provide seamless, high-quality and cost-effective pathways for staff from their first days in the industry through to senior positions. The Level 5 standard develops occupational and population specialisms meaning that throughout your organisation’s senior staff can have come through an Apprenticeship route and be some of the most useful assets you have.


  • Most experienced provider
  • The only specialists in Outdoor Learning Apprenticeships
  • Totally connected to and committed to the sector
  • Skilled and experienced staff – both in terms of vocational course delivery and occupational skills as instructors. This is unique
  • Genuine nationwide delivery
  • Well designed, well resourced e-learning tools
  • 24/7 support, dedicated account manager and helpdesk
  • Dedicated tutor team for your Apprentices
  • Review and feedback cycle for you the employer as well as for the learner
  • Our skills package and NGB training is designed around your needs, planned and delivered by expert tutors and tied to the core Apprenticeship standard; saving you huge expense and administration

How does it work?

If you’re interested in how Apprenticeships will work for your business, please get in touch. As a Matrix accredited provider we provide no obligation advice and guidance and work hard to understand your organisation and its needs.

You can:

  • Create vacancies for new apprentices
  • Start existing staff on an Apprenticeship

New Vacancies

Our dedicated team helps you to create and promote your vacancies. In addition to your usual recruitment channels we advertise on our website, through IOL Jobs and via Indeed. Our reach is very effective and application rates are very good.

While the tutor team help with shortlisting, selection, IAG and programme design, our systems team help you set up your government Apprenticeship Service Account (all employers need to do this) and get contracts established. We work with your normal HR processes and ensure pain-free and straightforward recruitment.

Existing Staff

Together we establish how an Apprenticeship pathway could work for existing staff members and volunteers. This could be a further training and development opportunity for instructors, CPD for an instructor specialism or support for outdoor learning programme design and business development. We are keen to help you progress valuable volunteer staff and open opportunities for good people to stay with your organisation.

Our tutor team work with you and individual staff to establish prior learning and establish a high quality programme that works and adds value. Our systems team looks after the set-up and management of the process with you.


From the start date we provide comprehensive induction and initial training for our Apprentices and support for the employer. Throughout the training programme our staff are working with you and the apprentices to create a powerful, stable and progressive employment situation. Our clients tell us that the support of a specialist external provider is invaluable to effectively recruit, train and retain good staff.


Mike Fawcett – Longtown Outdoor Learning Centre

In my view apprentices are far better prepared for the workplace than students at college. The critical distinction is the experience of working with people day in and day out, both colleagues but more importantly customers. There is no way any college course can rival the opportunities for developing leadership, communication, initiative and teamwork that the workplace provides. These factors are much more important than an individual’s technical or academic capabilities when assessing their potential as an instructor. 

Mike Fawcett – Longtown Outdoor Learning Centre

Lucy Oram – Scout Adventures

Running Apprenticeships gives us the opportunity to give back to the industry as well as train those who are interested in the industry to a high standard. Opening a gateway and a step up into the industry for those that are only just beginning along with gaining skills for life and not just for the future work. Many of our apprentices go on to work around the world for various companies, which we are immensely proud of and it is fantastic for us to see the opportunities that have been opened up for them and to watch then grow and succeed in so many different ways.

Lucy Oram – Scout Adventures

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