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Information, Advice and Guidance for Apprentices


As a training provider we see information, advice and guidance (IAG) as key to a successful outcome for all our Apprentices. With our wealth of experience in the outdoor sector as well as the world of work more widely, we are in a prime position to help you achieve your goals.

Channel Training holds the Matrix Standard, a national quality award which demonstrates that we provide a high standard of impartial information, advice and guidance to help you explore options and the right approach for your chosen career and industry sector.

Channel Training has a responsibility to you to guide you in your learning in a broader sense, not just the Apprenticeship standard. This is an expectation of both employers and training providers and will include the elements of Health and safety, safeguarding, Prevent amongst others. The following Policies and procedures along with other key policies are available on OneFile in the Resources tab, Appeals and Policies Folder, as well as on the Channel Training Apprenticeship portal.

The Apprenticeship portal tab is shown at the right hand top of the website, when you are enrolled on your apprenticeship we will send you login details to access the portal which contains all of our policy documents as well as our handbooks and other useful links.

Information for Employers


Channel Training have been awarded the Matrix Standard. We provide all applicants, employers and apprentices with Information, Advice and Guidance in relation to training and working in our relevant sectors. Information, advice and guidance (IAG) is embedded within our programmes.

• Our application process assists employers’ candidates in making the right choice of apprenticeship.

• We provide candidates with appropriate Work Skills leading into relevant employment to undertake their apprenticeship.

• Our comprehensive induction and the use of robust initial assessment helps us to agree an appropriate Learning Agreement or Individual Training Plan.

• Part of our induction will cover necessary content (supplementing centre specific content delivered by yourselves) for the learner on Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Prevent and British Values.

• During the period of training, as part of the strategy to retain apprentices and to provide the right guidance that gives apprentices the best opportunity to complete the agreed programme.

• On exit from the apprenticeship we will support Apprentices/ learners to continue in relevant employment, or progress into higher education in order to further advance their career prospects.

Information, Advice and Guidance Policy  



To help all learners fulfill their potential and progress through impartial and objective information, advice and guidance.


Channel Training believes that all learners and potential learners should be entitled to:

  •  Opportunities to discuss their individual learning and career needs throughout the learning process
  •  Enhanced opportunities for discussion at points of transition such as enrolment, induction and the end of course.
  •  Access to information, advice and guidance that upholds the National Information,  Advice & Guidance Board’s “Principles of Coherent Delivery” and meets Matrix standards.
  • Confidential referrals for specialist information, advice and guidance where appropriate.
  • Access to opportunities for progression.

Information, advice and guidance refers to a set of processes that enable learners to:

  • Clarify their starting point in terms of learning and career
  •  Identify relevant future goals.
  •  Plan to achieve those goals through access to objective, impartial and professional inputs.Effective networking and referral between colleagues, with other providers and with other agencies is therefore a vital component of quality information, advice and guidance.


The Channel Training’s policy is to ensure that learners:

  • Receive clear information before committing to a course.
  • Can access appropriate opportunities to discuss how a proposed course meets their needs with tutors/assessors, organisers or external specialists.
  • Have access to information and advice about: available financial help, learning support and other local opportunities that might meet their needs.
  • Have access to information, advice and guidance about progression opportunities
  • Are provided with information, advice and guidance that is clear, accurate, up to date, objective and impartial.
  • Can be referred speedily for specialist help. 

This policy will be implemented through Channel Training who will be Matrix Accredited.